my cutie, jade.

rose lalonde. My fav beta kid <3

Leoban tarlyn, the violetblood of my fantrolls rpg

merope, one of my favourites fantrolls of my fantroll rpg

fantroll of my kismesis. Nhissa naveen (without glasses) .

fantroll of a friend

mermaid feferi

dirk/roxy magicastuck for a friend’s birthday

Holis ~ Me gusta mucho como dibujas, aunque creo que ya lo sabes (si es que me reconoces uwu). Te quería haceslr un pequeño request, si se puede... ¿Puedes dibujar a Kyouko Kirigiri (Dangan Ronpa)? :'3

Translate: I really like how you draw, but I think you already know it (if you know me Uwu). I wanted to make a small request, if you can … Can you draw Kyouko Kirigiri (Dangan RonPa)? : ‘3

i have not seen dangan ronPa, but maybe i’ll see it.

Could you do a Maid Of Breath, please? It's my godtier and I love your art!! It's amazing, and you're wonderful <33

thanks ;3; . Of course. i love maid clothes. 

with textures.

My first fanart of the webcomic ava’s demon.

read it here:

i love erisol as kismesis and as matesprites

my friends say im cronus